Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Passengers scramble to get on buses to commute

This is one of the bigger vestibular buses of the BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) photographed near the KR puram flyover.

Passengers "mob" the bus in a bid to get in. Using public transport is a big challenge. The supply is less than the demand. This challenge of travel forces many middle class citizens to find alternate modes like two wheelers (Did you know? - Bangalore has the world's largest concentration of two wheelers) and four wheelers - compounding the problem on the roads.

BMTC stats:

  • 4586 buses and 4258 schedules
  • Carry 35.00 Lakhs Passengers in a day
  • 60,860 trips
  • Perform 9.11 Lakhs Service Kilometers
Bus frequencies are a challenge. Bus stops are few and far between in some routes. Bangalore has no concept of queues in Bus stops unlike cities like Mumbai. The BMTC buses have signs in kannada only and this is another challenge in a city that has attracted so many migrants due to the job opportunities.

If you commute via BMTC try this useful site from Mapunity that maps the Bangalore bus routes on Google maps.

It is a different matter that BMTC has taken many new initiatives to add new volvo buses in the city to target the middle class.

BMTC has do a lot more and faster.

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