Sunday, June 10, 2007

When ancient traditions get reduced to beggary

In the heydays, artists playing the Nadaswaram accompanied with a caparisoned bull was a tradition that was patronized by many. The artist would play carnatic classical pieces on festive days and this was considered an auspicious act. It surely kept tradition and culture alive and gave these artists a living.

Over the years with so called "modernity" these guys have a hapless future and their art form is now reduced to beggary. Their music's quality has also been reduced dramatically due to lack of patrons.


Abraham Lincoln said...

It is a shame things like this have happened. It has happened all over the world. It usually begins when a company decides that it can manufacture something that has been done by skilled craftsmen for generations. And they do and eventually put the craftsman out of business or onto the streets begging for a life. It is sad.

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Arun Ramarathnam said...

Thanks for your comment Abraham. Keep visiting the site. I love the quality of the pictures on your blog.