Monday, July 02, 2007

Inflation or business greed?

Bangalore is getting expensive. I happened to hop into a Shanti Sagar (chain of restaurants) in R.T Nagar (a popular residential area) . It was noisy and there was a lot of clatter from the kitchen and the fans weren't on. The restaurant managers did seem to care that the upholstery needed cleaning and upkeep.

The food was decent though. Then came to the bill. And I was shocked to see that an idli-vada (staple food in South India) was 30 Rs! And that was costlier than a plate of Pooris which is typically more expensive.

Appaling! Why are restaurant prices shooting up so much? And with the service levels and cleanliness going down.... its even more disappointing.

Guess it is a supply demand mismatch. It is simply greed of the businesses. And the Bangalorean who has no time to stand up and question. To top it all the cashier said "Sir it is 35 Rs. in Indiranagar for the same".


sceneit said...

Hey Arun,
Makes my mouth water.. just looking at the bill :-)

SloganMurugan said...

U should check out South Indies on 100ft Rd. it's 20 times this price

Anonymous said...

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Lunch Buffet in Bangalore said...

Oh my god!! Food has become so costly now..Just compare the bill with today's price..Just shocked!!

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