Monday, June 18, 2007

Bangalore View listed in "Around the World" photoblog catalog

Around The World is a photoblog directory. They have listed the Bangalore View photoblog in their directory on the 16th of June. This blog seems to have met their criteria. "Around the world" has Daily Photoblogs Old and New - a guide to sites around the world.

The photoblog is listed here and mentioned in their blog here. Nice!

We are now a CDPB officially. CDPB = City Daily Photo Blog = A photoblog that posts a daily photo with narrative and context themed around a city.

1 comment:

GE said...

I should point out that listing in my guide does not make your blog an official CDPB -- for that you need to join via the CDPB portal.
My guide is unofficial and includes many sites that don't quite fit the "official" critera.
My criteria are much more relaxed.
Having said that though, it seems to me your blog does meet the "official" critera so I think you ought to go ahead and join.