Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great way to begin a relaxing weekend

This is the view from my breakfast table... Serene and calm on a morning.... With busy weekdays gone by my whole body was aching to relax and chill.... And this view over breakfast did a whole lot good. Guess where I was?

To tease you further check out the view below.... If only I was staying there... I was just visiting for a meeting...

I was at Ista - the 5 star hotel so close to MG road at Ulsoor in downtown Bangalore.

My first experience was great. We had a sumptuous breakfast - ranging from Rs 120 through Rs. 350 (US $3 through US$8). Must be a great location for visitors who have work in the city center.

I can surely see myself going there more often over the weekends!!!

Disclaimer: BTW I am in no way associated with Ista management or the business.

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